Who's That Guy?

I'm a software developer specializing in web development, particularly in technologies surrounding JavaScript, I'm very fond of NodeJS for both backend and frontend Development, using express for the backend and React, browserify, etc. for the frontend. I have also been experimenting with other Technologies like Django. I'm also a guitar and bass player and home studio enthusiast, I'm in a couple of Band projects, and have a personal one regarding home studio recording, I love to make covers of songs I like and my main musical interests revolve around rock-metal.

Programming and Technology Projects

Central Node is our first attempt at creating our own viable enterprise in the software businnes, all of the members share a strong sense of self motivation, and a passion for coding in JavaScript.

As you would expect our forte is developing web applications using NodeJS, and Express, we also enjoy working with new technologies so we prefer non-sql db models like mongo, we also develop apps for Android and iOS using Cordova, or native Android if neccessary.

Last but not least we also share love for the Open Source Comunity. If you need anything at all developed, and are fond of new technologies be sure to check us out!
Elemental Lab is the very first Web Development Company I have worked for, it is a small group of very dedicated people, it houses only 5 people (including myself), and we work under very flexible hours, believing the most important aspect for development is enthusiasm and comfortable programmers.

Elemental works using Django as its backend provider in order to take advantage of its many functionalities, React is used for frontend development in many specific cases, but in general we lean heavily towards server side rendering (importance scale: HTML, CSS, and THEN JavaScript).

The star project of the company is x-page, a CMS designed with companies in mind. So if you need a beautiful webpage quick be sure to check us out!

Musical Projects

I'm the bassist in Abstract Enemy, and it is my main band and my only live performing show (at least talking about original content), Abstract Enemy dives into a lot of different musical genres and influences to come up with its music, from Death Metal to Blues and Classic Rock.

I'm not one of the founding members of the band, I was lucky to know Gustavo (One of the guitar players) one the former bassist left, and he liked my playing, have felt at home ever since in the band.

If you are in the mood from some metal and some flavorful mixes be sure to check us out!
This is my very own Home Studio project, it surfaced originally as a way to record my favorite cover songs as I realized that the technology to make decent quality recordings at home was there, but it has also evolved as a way to record my own original content that doesn't really fit elsewhere.

I'm completely self taught, and moreover this project has also pushed me to learn to play the electric guitar and work with some wonderful people and musicians.

We have covers, arrangements, and original content so if you feel the need from some good quality musical content be sure to check us out!

Random Things I like

You know, I really like this white wood background, for no particular reason, but you know what I like even more? Soundtracks, songs from games, movies, anime, there are A LOT of plainly awesome music written for all kinds of productions and I love listening to those gems!. Some particular ones that come to mind (apart from parasyte, linked on the title) are Shadow of the Colossus, Pirates of the Caribbean, Silent Hill, The Witcher 3, Noragami Aragoto, Castlevania Lords of Shadow, Megaman Zero, The Piano , Amelie , Touhou Arrangements and Gintama Among many others!
And talking about Gintama, I love it, the whole series, I love it with all my heart, I haven't laughed louder watching any other series, I also like a lot of anime series, particularly comedy, among my favorites in this category are Slayers (a timeless classic for me), Seto no Hanayome, Hataraku Maou Sama, and Seitokai Yakuindomo. On the more serious side of the spectrum some of my favorites are Gundam Wing (another timeless classic for me), Mirai Nikki , Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Noragami and Black Lagoon.
I love Game of Thrones, and I love fantasy, and I love fantasy RPG's, and most of the games I play fall into this category, starting with my favorites: The Witcher 3, Skyrim, Dragon Age Inquisition, and an old time favorite Fable. However I have deeply enjoyed many other games starting with my very favorite: Metal Gear Rising (Man this game makes my blood pump fast!, and the soundtrack is freaking amazing I linked it in the title), Bioshock Infinite , Far Cry 3, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, among many others!


Programmer and web designer with experience in:
» Javascript » NodeJS
» Express » React
» HTML and HTML5 » CSS
» Python » Django
» Mongoose » C++

Contact Me

  • Tel: (+57) 320 668 4459
  • Mail: caal.0522@gmail.com
  • Central Node: caal@centralnode.co
  • Elemental: dev@elementalab.com

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